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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sitting by the Sea

Low prim style, in blue stripes, umbrella table with matching chairs.

Chairs have menu driven poses and only 4 prims per chair. Umbrella table is 6 prims and as all of my furniture available in custom colors.

Bird of Paradise plants are in the background with a hot pink blooms.

The background is the sea of Saluteris, a beautiful garden estate, low lag class 5 sim, home for my main store, Sirens Song.

Please stop by to shop, relax or have fish! You never know when a mermaid may wash ashore.

Let me help you make your second life lovely!

Monday, July 20, 2009

For My Lord and his Lady

Every castle needs a table and chairs for those the manor born. This wooden table is based on a medieval table I found while researching this time period.

It has carved wood detail on the edges and base legs. An oval cut in the base legs adds to the illusion of honed wood and more prims than are used.

Side chairs with menu driven poses, one for My Lady and another chair for My Lord. These are in red with dragon print fabric on the seat base.

A matching sofa and hassock as well as endless other custom combinations can be made for your manor.

This monks bench is based on a medieval prayer bench. It has menu driven poses and low prim.

The carved wood textures add detail and make a few prims look great. As an addition to an entry way, or mix and match with modern furniture.

Many other pieces such as these can be found at my main store, Sirens Song.

Please stop by to shop, relax in the gardens or fish in the Seven Seas stream.

Custom design work is always welcome.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Row Row Row Your Boat

Sunday, July 19, 2009 from 2pm-4pm SLT a hunt by row boat, to destinations around the Sanctuary Islands Estate. Row boats are provided, as well as lots of prizes. Party afterwards at Solar Winds.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Table Top Sand Castle Candle

This little castle made of sand has a realistic looking door and set of windows. It runs the flag of Sirens Sting from one of my pirate ships. This light guards you from the dark and looks good doing it!

I can customize this to your flag or colors or logo. Makes a nice gift and would be a great giveaway for any nautical event. The pillar candle is touch on and off. This is first in a series of Candle Castles.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Something Old, Something New

One prim aquatic mosaic's have been spread around the grounds at my main store, Sirens Song Seaside. Mermaids, Dolphins and Seahorses grace the land. Luminars in acquatic shapes and colors are available.
A special request has come in for a more manly version, something in the way of a killer whale. This takes swimming with the sharks to a new level.
Mosaic's have long been a used in pools, fountains, patios and even in underwater mermaid hideaways. The ones I have for sale have been easy and fun to make. These look great under water, on a wall or on the land.
Is there something you would like to see as a tile frieze or mosaic? Contact me and I will be glad to work out a custom design for you.
Please stop by to relax, shop and fish. New free prizes have been added to the 7 Seas Fishing stream.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Delectable Selectables Leather Sofa Sets

Here are a few ideas of room lay outs and ideas. Starting with my empty living room, which sure could use a makeover! These inexpensive low prim, sculpted seating solutions offer versatility and utility for any home or office setting. Seating is menu driven and adjustable. Colorful and modern in leather styling in a variety of colors, endless combinations.

All of these pieces have multiple mix and match possibilities and can be mixed by color sets as well. Adding a rug, a few lamps and plants a room starts to take shape quickly.

One easy high style touch is to build a faux tile or marble hearth in front of your Second Life pre-fab fireplace. It adds a real life dimension and you can tie this into other colors or patterns in your room. It is a one prim addition that sets your fireplace off. I repeated the pattern in this hearth on top of the low prim coffee table.

This gives a place to display something you have made, or found in your travels or perhaps on a treasure hunt. Sculpty pillows pick up the gold yellow as do the accent pieces on the fireplace. A kissing cushion in bamboo print is the reverse of the print on the lounger.

These sconces are a variation of the ones I made for the Go Fishing July Hunt, only in a solid and turned in another direction. Pickiing up the gold in the room with the sconces and sunflowers on the hearth.

To see more of this room as designed please visit my flicker book:

Coming soon will be a grouping of the select -ables in a another combination of colors and patterns. These sofa sets are available at my store, Sirens Song, in blue, green, black, taupe, red, pink and turquoise. Many accessories and accent pieces are there as well and I can make custom items as needed on the spot to fill out a room.

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