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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Garden Rooms With A View

These are the same garden rooms or even a guest houses if you wish, 24 prims. The first in purples has lavender Clematis and Yellow Nasturtiums along the walls. The one below has Morning glories in blue and pink along with ivy draped along all the sides.
Many colors and combinations available, what color do you want to paint your Second Life garden?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tile Bistro Table Set

Sea green tile on the top of the table is continued on the base.

This is a 2 prim table and matching chairs are 3 prims each. The poses are menu driven and don't add to prim count

Included is a 3 prim decorative tapper candle, and a Peace Plant in same tile but tinted.

I have sunshine orange, sea blue, hot pink, and many other tiles for any number of combinations.

What would look good on your Second Life patio, deck or breakfast nook? This would be cute for a sidewalk cafe or tea house as well.

This set is for the GLBT Equality is a Human Right Hunt, running August 23-through September 23.

Please stop by my store Sirens Song and ask me about a custom texture for your specialized bistro set for two.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Touch Down!

New hunt is coming up for the guys, in SL. It is called the Game Day hunt, starting on September 7 running through end of month.

I found these new sculpt maps to make motorcycle parts. Having not built a bike I was relieved to see an example of what I was trying to build!

What could be more popular for a man than a table made of car or motorcycle parts? Maybe beef jerky?

A coffee table needs a sofa set. This is another leather version of the slectable leather living room sets I make and sell in SL.

These pieces are copy as well as mix and match. So there are number of combinations of the layouts. The poses are menu driven with an armchair for guys and one for gals.

Included in this gift set is a copy floor lamp, touch on /off and a red wood floor overlay to put in any room.

The sign is animated and this entire gift is a score. Don't miss this hunt is a special one just for guys.

I have many textures and colors and would love to help you decorate your SL home. Please contact me by note card or visit my store , Sirens Song, to see what is new.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Elegant Desk Set

My good friend, Jinny Jonesford, of Virtual Elegance needed a desk for her store.

She wanted to have an that would have a chair and a place for her and staff to assist customers.

Her designs are wonderful and fresh. Reasonable prices and gowns for every and any event.

The walls of her store are like a stucco in a green tone. I matched the color exactly and used it on this desk, a simple two prim build. By adding shiny to the prims it gives a metallic affect.

This is not really a gray or a green. It is interesting to play with the shiny feature to achieve a metal look with out a special texture, using only color.

The sign on her desk is a one prim frame up of her logo. I have a multi mat photo frame I make and then mount on a single prim. The mat makes it seem just like framed up art work or photo you may find in real life.

Accent pieces in red finish off the desk. The lamp is a simple touch on /off two prim lamp. While the Calla Lillie's are prim heavy they do look nice with this set.

The stool has poses menu driven is a low 4 prims.

I wanted something that complimented her store and her look. A sophisticated set for Virtual Elegance. Please stop by her store and take a look and enjoy her lovely gowns. She has a lucky chair and Midnite Mania!

Here is the slurl to her store:

Is there something special you may need for your home, office or store? Please contact me to help with your design needs.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pink Garden Tent with VInes of Wisteria

Low prim garden tent, with swing and wisteria vines on the front make a nice addition to your garden. The complete set is 21 prims, but each piece can be moved to mix and match with other pieces you may have.

This tent is flexi so it gently moves to be similar to what you may find in real life. I have this in lavender as well with the swing. Both of these can be found at my store, Sirens Song, in Second life.

Many colors and combinations can be made to request. What is your favorite color? Let me know custom work is available.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sand Castles on the Shore

This was fun to make. Art Noveau and Art Deco are my favorite design periods and this combines those influences. The castle base is a shell textures. While the walls and walk way atop are all sand colored. The same is on the inside.

Even if this slips into the sea eventually it won't melt. Looks good in or out out of water.

Turret toppers look almost copper and shell like are above phantom arched windows. These arched windows can be flown throw, or used by merfolks to swim in and out.

Set up at my store to see and try out, please come and visit.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fee Fie Faux

Textures can add the perfect touch of dimension in Second Life. Taking a basic rectangular box, adding a footing and special textures all around.

I just started a new series of furniture that is influenced by shabby chic and French Country. Additional new pieces to be shown here and at my store Sirens Song.

This blue cabinet looks like a two drawer side table or dresser. It is only 2 prims and has a compass rose in blues and reds on the front.

It looks nice in a living room, beach house, or bedroom. Additional pieces in this color variation with the compass rose will be introduced soon.

To the right is the same piece only in red with a pair of white roses. Also a two prim cabinet.
These are low cost, low prim and can be done in other colors and combinations.

Arrangements can be made to gift items as well, since my work is not transfer unless special request.
Custom work is fun to do, and not expensive. I enjoy the challenge of making new pieces in a wide variety of styles.
It should not cost so much to have a nice second home or office.
Stop by Sirens Song or drop me a note card.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Barrel Table n Chairs arrggggg

This is one of my gifts for the Search For The Black Pearls hunt. This has a pirate flag on the barrel table The chairs with red leather cushions have menu driven poses. Every pirate needs a table to put der rum on or a place to rest der feet.

Would you like your flag on custom furniture, please contact me.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

WIcker Set Summer Fun Hunt

This is the season of the hunts and the hunter. I made up this pretty butterfly sunbrella set.

It includes a lounger made for two and a umbrella. Textures are light wicker for the lounger and the umbrella.

A fun side table with a special butterfly texture repeats the theme and a place to put your cocktails.

Repeating the pattern from the table on a touch on and off luminary.

A copy 2 prim Iris picks up the colors and works in any garden, planter inside or outdoors.

I enjoy making textures for the custom pieces I make. Have a dream idea you would want to see in your Second Life? Please contact for help.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Search For The Black Pearls is underway

This is what the gift box looks like for this treasure hunt, Search for the Black Pearls.

Calypsos' storm has subsided , sending these pearls all over SL, waiting for you to find them.
As a multi vendor and multi sim treasure hunt., the theme is pirate, mermaid and medieval items. This includes clothing, hats, jewelry, houses, home decorations, mermaid fins /outfits and more. The creative power of these vendors is a wonder.
Vendor count is being finalized and we sit at about 80 vendors/locations for this hunt. Please see the hunt blog for hints or join my group Sirens Song for help along the way.
The first gift box is at my store, I can't wait to get all the goodies.

Mermaid Martini & Fishes

Where else but Second Life will you find a lifesize, or rather AV size martini?

Rather than an olive for garnishe, a pretty pink shell and a swirling school of pink fish add a finishing touch. All that is needed is someone to sit and pose.

This includes a seating pose that works for a mermaid of landlubber. Is a great spot to sit and watch the meta-verse.

An inexpensive, 5 prim item, fun for a gift, mermaid garden, patio or club.

Many other items for sale! Please stop by soon.