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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

To Die For

Perfect for Halloween a living room set modeled on real life coffins. Ghoulish and Dielightful for your Second Life living room.

Seating is menu pose driven and copy so you can fill endless rooms in your castle or liar. Whether you're Goth, Vamp, Medieval role play or love the haunting season this set is for you.

Death adorns the coffee table and standing lamp. Coffin end tables complete the look.
The best thing is you don't have to die for this, just teleport over to Sirens Song. This is sold as a set or as individual pieces.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Bella Rosa

Plants and flowers are what got me to learn to build in Second Life. This new series, Bella Rosa, combines my love of building, home decoration and flowers. Other floral pattern pieces and color combinations are on the drawing board.

Inspired by Shabby Chic, it is rewarding to see how real life pieces can be translated into 3d pieces.

Poses in the chairs and bench are all menu driven with male poses in one chair and female in the other. The Hall Bench includes male and female poses. This is a low prim low cost package that can brighten your Second Life home!

These pieces are all on special right now for the next week at $5 L per piece Hurry over to Sirens Song to capture this great value before the week is out.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pushing Up Daisies

Take time to smell the flowers before you push up Daisies! A Celtic cross with spooky skull tops this grave. Scary howls can be heard coming from the world beyond at this grave. This is for sale now in my new Bootique.

Coffins are there for sale as well with tombstones. Is there a custom epithet you need for the Halloween Season? Contact me to help you immortalize your Second Life. My favorite is: "She was fun now she's done."

Saturday, September 26, 2009

You Hold His Heart

Davy Jones has his heart in a locked box, as long as it is safe he sails the 7 Seas to the ends of the Earth and back. His heart longs for Calypso who knew him before his curse.

This was fun to make and is a beating heart in a silver box. The lid when touched plays a spooky noise. Beware not to wake Davy or you may end up in the deep in his locker.

Ain't Superstitous

This cute black and white cat print came across my path and works purrfectly for the cabinet. I will be using this in other builds. A coffee table would work well with this print, a larger dresser and this would look great on a white cabinet too.

I just opened a Bootique at my store, Sirens Song and all sorts of Halloween items are there with more to come. If only I could conjure more prims. Meow......

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Hunting We Will Go

Multi Sim, grid wide hunts have exploded! There are so many going on now blogs for lists of hunts have popped up as well as blogs for hunters.

I am still unpacking items from last years Peace On Earth Hunt which had over 400 destinations.

My list of hunts I am participating in is getting very long. Making new items for sale and for the upcoming hunts has kept me quit busy indeed!

Here is a sampling of what the hunters will be finding, more hunt items to be posted as well as fun new things I am making for sale.

This is for the Total Fusion Hunt, which will be starting on September 21, running through October. My gift includes an arm chair for men and one for women, with menu poses with a rug, lamp on/off, coffee table and sunflower arrangement. In keeping with the fall season.

Something wicked is brewing in this kettle. Green mist boils over, I am not sure I would take a drink, would you? The fire pit is included so if you want to put your kettle on it or use to sit around to roast your virtual marshmallows, enjoy. This is for the Pumpkin Paws Hunt, running for the month of October.

An acceptance arrived by note card for a hunt I don't recall entering but at this point who is counting? The Starving Artists are running a hunt in October as well.. This is for that hunt and will be my update gift at Fab Free HQ for those that prefer to hunt in one place. Kissing in a pumpkin patch, perfect for the season and is cozy, silly place to take that someone special. This is for the No Hunt, which means, no clues. no chat no nothing, except of course the blog. The hunter is on their own to find the bounty of the hunting season.

Happy Hunting!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pretty In Pink

Selectables in leather cane be mix and matched in a number of combinations. Available in multiple colors and custom textures. These are copy so perfect for rental units as well as office spaces and your Second Life home.
This pink set is being boxed up and soon to include lamps, and coffee table to go on Xstreet. Other similar sets of a room in a box will be coming soon.
Poses are all menu driven in this sleek seating set. Side arm chairs are included in the set but not pictured here.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Trophy For SOH Myrtle Beach Bike Build Off

This trophy was fun to do, a custom piece for a great group and important cause. The World Wild Life Organization will be receiving money raised during the clubs SL Myrtle Beach Bike Build Off.

This is a challenge event where competitors using prim pieces will build the best bike. It promises to be a fun filled action event and money raised going to a great cause.
Need a trophy, award or gift for your club or event? Please drop me an email or note card would be happy to put together that perfect item.

Freaked Out!!

Tis the season of the Hunt. So many hunts, so many gifts, so many deadlines! What better than a devils fountain with black blood particles? Freaks me out, how about you? This is for the Freaked Out Hunt starting September 15.

Death Overcame Her

My gift for the Official Freaky Fall Hunt V3.0 is a crypt with flying bats.

What crypt would be complete though without a killer pose?

This sudden death pose can be paired with the bloody fog for an even more spooky effect.

As the Halloween season draws near perfect pieces for the spooktacular season. The crypt door opens and shuts. If you are a vamp a must have!

Happy haunting and hunting.

Many more halloween items are on their way.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Official Freaky Fall Hunt V 3.0

Back from the dead how appropriate going into the Halloween season. The hunt has been reorganized and pumpkins set for the hunters. The end date has been extended and lots of fun gifts are to be found all along the way. Check our blog for hint and updates: