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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Art Noveau-One of my favorite styles

A new wall sconce I have been working on is only 3 prims , touch on and off lamp. This lamp works turned upside down, with light going up, for another variation on the look.I found a vintage piece of pottery and used those florals in this design. I have this in two other sizes same colors. I will be bringing out other wall sconces in different color tones for sale soon. The sconce base is polished antique brass.

This wall sconce and set was designed specifically for the July Gone Fishing Hunt. I am stop number 24 along the way. Inside my gift are a couple of bonus accessories as well as the fun closet pictured here.

The closet has drapes that close and open by touch. It looks good with or with the curtains and has a shelf inside. I have a number of very pretty colors in drapes and wood and can do a customized closet sets.

These new hunt items look very cute with the gift I had for the SL Discovery Hunt, which just ended. It was a dressing table with matching chair.

I will be bringing out a new version of that vanity set other items soon.

Customized items for your boudoir or the one you love can be done to spec. Many other furnishings available upon request.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Going On A Treasure Hunt

Alas my Brig, the Scarlett Queen hit the reefs and has sunk off the coasts of Sanctuary. A precious shipment of black pearls adrift on the waves of the sea. Scattering them all across Second Life. A hunt is soon to commence with plenty of bounty and prizes along the way. Special prizes and events to follow along with the hunt, plenty of merriment and pirate booty for all.

A Map is soon to come and all of the ports of call will be listed here along with special little hints from time to time to tease you along. Who will find the pearls first and will Calypso send a gale to deter the hunters? Or have the Pirate Brethren bound her again...
Getting close to 30+ vendors who have signed up for this hunt! Sign up early as a hunter and get a jumpstart with gifts and regular updates. Sign up as vendor before all the spots are gone!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Light Up Your Second Life

Even Mermaids need a lamp to light their way. This has etched glass with a mermaid figure.
The lamp is polished antique gold with candle light inside.

A mermaid street lamp is also available along with skull and cross bones lanterns.

Pirates, mermaids and land lubbers alike would find this a nice addition to any dock, deck, garden or room in the house.

Many other lamps for sale as well, ranging from Medieval, Pirate, Mermaid, Oriental and Stained Glass hanging, or standing.

A number of oriental and stained glass lamps can be found around my store. Please be sure to check the medieval section with other candle holders and candelabras.I have many textures to choose from and would love to light up your life with a custom lamp to meet your needs.

Swing Time

Summer time and the swinging is easy. What better way to sit and swing while you chat with your sweet heart or friends in Second Live. This has rambling red roses climbing up the latticed sides. Stonewashed blue seats that are a take off of Adirondack styling. This is now at Fab Frees HQ for free! I will be re tooling this in my store to new colors and flowers. Stop by to relax on a swing, enjoy the campfire or fish in the river.
Here is the slurl to Fab Free HQ:

Time For Tea

Japanese Tea House, exclusive design only for Second Lifes' Greatest Love, OMG it's another hunt. Accessories sold separately.

This is perfect for land, seaside or mountaintop. As a meditation room, or place to unwind.

Placed on the edge of my store in the Saluteis Sim,on waters edge with a lacquered bridge to walk over, surrounded by Cat O Nine Tails.

I have many other Oriental inspired designs for sale, loungers, cabinets, Paper Lanterns that turn on and off, as well as tables and book cases.

Setting, environment to night, looks warm and cozy, pretty in any setting.

A new Tea House is under construction that will be for general sale. The walls are custom designed lattice for this as well as the new release.

Custom builds can be done upon request.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Passionate Redheads & Relay For Life

Passionate Redheads are a creative, fun, lively group of Second Life participants, dedicated to raise money for the cure. Relay For Life is a wonderful cause to help wipe out a terrible disease that has touched everyones' life in one way or another. We have auction items at Hope Garden and recently did a Ren Faire to raise money. Also, a calender is for sale to help us with fund raising.

I have a Redheads Kiosk at my store, and will be offering a special item for sale soon. This is a unique one of a kind only for our fund raising.

Lets' all lend a hand and throw in spare Lindens to help find a cure for Cancer.

Castles Made of Sand

Where do Mermaids live? A question I have heard recently. Caves, tunnels, under water shells and perhaps other places too. This is a sneak peak at a new project.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

What real life or Second Life garden is complete without the magic of water and Mermaids? This fountain offers both at a reasonable price and excellent quality. The pink tile base can be retextured to suit upon request.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mariners' Map Chest

Ever wonder what to do with all your old scrolls, treasure maps to important Tiny Empire Documents? This chest comes in other styles and is perfect to hold your treasures. Decorate a room, dock or anyplace you wish. Pirates, Captains, Kings and Queens, please come to visit my creations.
This chest opens / closes and great quality, low prim, low cost.