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Thursday, December 31, 2009


In 2010 on my list of resolutions is to go somewhere warm for a winter break. The snow blows cold around my house as I post this.

The hammock, umbrella and plants are for the New Years Resolution Hunt. I have hid this in a tricky way. You will have to look for a pencil and an envelope!

Cozy Cuddle

It's the 40 Below Hunt and the best way to ward off the cold is to cuddle up. A short menu of pg poses makes for a cozy place to be!

Sitting Pretty

This is for the Death Becomes Her Hunt. A little bit pirate this skull and roses print is pretty and becoming. The chairs are menu driven and have poses for men and women. Low prim and practical at 3 prims each. The side table is 4 prims and has a skull and roses pattern on the red wood and matching candle. Rounding out the seating arrangement is a heart with cross bones on the area rug.

Friday, December 18, 2009

This is a mirror and dresser set, along with a matching shell lamp. Very pretty in a mermaid style, great for land or sea. The dresser is touch open shut drawers and the lamp touch on/off. This sunday, December 22, only at $60L.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Peace On Earth

This is a 3 piece modular book case set that I built. It is my Captains' Corner, where you can sit and read or chat with a friend.

The middle section has menu driven seating and if you click on the give peace a chance book you can get a book to read! This book quotes the Beatles, give peace a chance song.

Book cases flank either side of the seating nook. The globe is a light that clicks on and off. It's not good to read in the dark.

A pair of kissing doves on the top shelf are another peace symbol.

This entire set is for this years Second Life, Peace On Earth multi grid wide hunt. Approximately 280 creators are participating in this hunt. It is a honor for my store to be in this project since the organizers voted on who to include.

So many wondrous gifts again this year, can't wait to get started.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Baby Makes Three

First time I made a baby cradle or rocking chair. Friends are expecting a Second Life Bundle of joy and this is for their new lil one.

Both rocker and cradle rock gently using a swing script.

Rockers never go out of style and I put a couple of these out for sitting and for sale. Rock on!

Monday, November 16, 2009

25 Days Of Christmas

25 gifts are sprinkled all around in special Advent Boxes. On the 1st Day of December the 1st box will appear. Day 2 the next box and so on all the way to Christmas. I have decided to put a gift in each box for each day. The entire set will be on sale so if you miss a day and need that item to complete your set you can still get it.

The first day is the Snow Flake Garden Room and each subsequent day the furnishings to decorate it and your home. These will not be in any particular order so you will have to come back every day!

Here is a list of what is going to be given but this is not in order of or a list by day:

  1. Snow Flake Garden Room

  2. Turquoise 5 Piece Sofa Set

  3. Matching Lamp

  4. Matching Coffee Table

  5. Three Piece Snow Flake Bistro Set

  6. Matching Luminara

  7. Ice Rink

  8. Christmas Tree

  9. Fancy Box

  10. Angel Lamp

  11. Angel Statue

  12. Two Blue Twinkleis Trees

  13. Candy Cane

  14. Candy Jar that dispenses candy

  15. Christmas Wreath

  16. Christmas Bench

  17. Poinsettia

  18. Matching Candle

Friday, November 13, 2009

Six Sided Gazebo

Graceful Wisteria drapes this gazebo and the blue tone continues on the floor and ceiling. The six sides are a custom lattice grid I made, influenced by other oriental designs. Columns hold up the roof and the dark wood ties back to the base. Large enough for a swing, dance poses or lounger.

Free for the Twisted members only weekend exchange and for sale for others at my store, Sirens Song. Please stop by and see the other lawn and garden structures and more.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stained glass room dividers or romantic boudoir screens. A place to park your pose stand while changing or break up a sky box. Many possible colors and combinations can be pulled together for your home on a custom basis. Please inquire!

Golden wall sconces compliment these screens and add a mellow back light. Wall sconces are only 3 prims and the screens only 3 prims as well. The look very nice with the vanity set and would work in front of a window instead of blinds.

By the way stunning with the lounger and dresser set reviewed here in my blog and an upcoming hunt gift.

Pretty Woman

You won't walk by this vanity set. Rather, you will sit and brush your hair. This is linked low prim set with inlaid wood texture. A nice addition to any bedroom, neutral yet distinctive.

This is my gift for the GRW Designer Show Down this weekend and will be my $60L Sunday offering this week. The pose alone is well worth it.

Vist my store, Sirens Song, inworld, Second Life for many similar unusual pieces to compliment your Second Life Home.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Let It Snow

Pretty Angel in a globe, particle effects of touch on and off for your personal snow storm. Let it Snow, let it snow let it snow...this is for the Snowflake Hunt, running in December.

Lay Lady Lay

And with your man too. This is a menu driver lounger for two and a dresser with drawers that are linked that open and shut.

Similar items are for sale at my store in Second Life, Sirens Song. Matching tables and chairs with custom work available as well.

I thought it would be nice to receive a gift that works year round but added the vintage pin up for a holiday flare. This gift is for the Christmas Hunt so you will have to wait til Santa comes calling.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Pilgrims Progress

Pilgrims would find this brave new metaverse one of wicked witchecraft I would guess. Thankfully we have progressed. As we move towards this time of year in America, we think of things we are gratefull for, and the many bountiful gifts we have received.

This table is my Pilgrims table with benches. Rounded off by lovely table toppers.. The sunrise Calla Lillies my favorites in the seasonal cornucopia. The pilgrims hat is for the Pilgrims hunt, no not for witches but for gifts. Please stop by and get your free gift at Sirens Song and enjoy the new location, relax. browse or shop!

Monday, November 2, 2009

GRW Designs~Fashion Showdown 2009 Gift

This was a fun personal challenge. I purchased the texture pack that clothing designers used for this competition. The contest is similar to Project Runway.

I felt it would be fun to use the textures in my gift for the winners. I used the green denim, a lemony yellow small print and the white flower decor from the pack. It did not have a wood texture so I pulled in an off shade of a yellow green to match the pillow.

The torchiere lamp base is trimmed in the dark green denim. This is a touch on off lamp and the sofa is menu based poses. The circle shapes of the torchiere and pillow are echoed in the side arm chair and base of both chair and coffee table. This is a new personal favorite and will be showing up in my store soon in other colors and textures.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Winter Room in Blue Tones

The best thing about Second Life winters is you don't get wet, cold or have to worry about ice slicks. This garden room is wintry blue but wont' make you blue. Cheery snowflakes are on the front and back exterior. The theme is carried forward inside on the light blue bistro set, with the same snow flake on the painted table and chairs. Chairs are set with menu driven poses. The blue poinsettia has a star pattern on the pot as well. These are my gifts for the Christmas and Advent Hunts.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Curio Cabinet

A new Group, $60L Sundays has invited me to join. Every Sunday we offer unique new items for only $60L. A great way to network, make new friends and find wonderful bargains in Second Life.

This is what i have made for this Sunday. It has an oriental flare and is a cabinet or table, duo purposed. Low prim, low cost great value, can't beat this combination, not trick but is a treat!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Love Hurts

Found a photo of a Bleeding Heart plant and turned it into a mosaic for this picture. The topiary is heart shaped and a pretty phlox plant round up this gift. This is for the Cosmic Love Hunt. I love the color purple and find it healing, will it mend a broken heart?

Definitely will perk up your interior, garden or entry way with any of these items. Visit my store for complimentary pieces I sell that are mix and match with these.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Something WIcker This Way Comes

Tropical breezes blow off the Barbary Coast. This wicker set is in a blue and pink shell pattern but many other fabric choices area available. The wicker is neutral modern beige shade.

Same wicker is on the Lounger for Two series which would look nice with this set too.

Too many combinations to rez them all. Have a color preference or pattern you like? I can texture to suit. Stop by Sirens Song to view this set and many other styles as well.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

See My Seahorse

Mermaids and Seahorses are like a horse and carriage. This has been on my to do list for sometime. Now that I have more room and prims this makes a perfect addition to my store. It will look very nice in your garden,patio or atrium. Many other accessories and full sets of home furnishings can be found at my expanded location.

Please come to visit soon and if you need a specific item let me know I love to do custom work!

Friday, October 23, 2009

RIde Sally Ride

My friend, Sophia, came over to take a twirl on the carnivale ride I built tonight. It is like a wild teacup when it is moving. The speed is a bit dizzy-ing so take Dramamine first. This is touch on and off and awaits your pleasure just outside the Amazing Maze. So much fun to make and fun to ride. This will be back I am sure for my Winter Fest, but in a different incarnation. Come take a whirl.

Amazing Maze Part II

This is the sequel to the basic maze, a bit darker and not so cheery, but a bit scary. I set this up over my new location and added two other features, a graveyard and carnivale ride. Also, I hid 8 little witches hats with prizes. This is a must see and hope will be a haunting destination for you and your friends this Halloween!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Like to Swing On A Star

Carry moonbeams home in a jar... this song is my inspiration for the Shining Stars Treasure Hunt. A sliver of a moon, swing with an attached star is my gift. This is a swing can be moved onto any surface or touch a tree. I have this next to a tree branch. If you link it the swing will not work and is just as easy to rez next to your tree branches. This is only 5 prims and is fun too!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Company Is Coming

A drop leaf table is a space saver. When company comes during the holidays this lifts up into place for more seating. At our house, in real life, Thanksgiving brings family, friends and another leaf in the table.

The chairs are menu drive poses and match the table. Basic enough to go with most furniture and settings. The chairs are copy. Rug and candle are included with this gift for the Pilgrim Hunt.

I have these sets in other colors, combinations and sizes at my store in Second Life, Sirens Song.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pretty Kitty... Lucky Kitty

I put on my kitty cat tail to test this new Neko Bed. Curled up for a nap it seems to work just fine. I rezed this under a tree at my new store location. So much room with a wonderful view.

A matching chest is part of this set. The kitty graphic wears the symbol for lucky on its' cute lil belly. Forecasted more Neko on the horizon. This is for the Curious Kitty treasure hunt. What will I build next? Keep reading and stop by my store, Sirens Song.

Tiny Bubbles

Myths and Legends a multi sim treasure hunt with 125 stops is off to a great start. Over 800 people have started it with more logging in and showing up every day.

This is a waterplace I made perfect for Mermaid and Mermen, or any underwater garden. It works well above water as well, on a patio, garden or meditation room.

My store is moving to Barbary Coast Estate and with it a new larger mermaid garden, come and visit soon.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bewitching Hour

This has been a busy month of making fun Halloween home decor and furniture. Fall is my favorite time of year with Halloween my favorite holiday. Everything in this picture is boxed up as a set, as shown.

Spooktacular accessories for the season can be found at my store Sirens Song.

The sofa, rug and coffee table pictured here are part of my Midnite Mania board for this week. They are included with the Witches Hat House.

Pretty and low cost would work well all year. Custom colors and textures are available just ask!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Treasures Of The Sea

This is chest opens and shuts upon touch. It is perfect for your Second Life sea treasures or pleasures. Looks good upon land or in the sea. What will you keep in yours?

Find it at Sirens Song in the underwater area.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Tower Of Terror

It's back! This is the second year I have built a Tower of Terror, Five Floors of Fear. This is smaller than last years but still full of scary fun spook house action. Measuring 45 M high by
20 M Wide, 444 prims.

This year the exterior is a castle texture and inside completely black. A secret trap door awaits. Enter at your own risk!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Witche Way To Home

Double doors with blue cats welcome you home and beckon one to enter. The outside is covered on each side with ivy and the back with ivy and blue morning glories. This enchanting little stone cottage casts a spell.
Taking a look inside a table with chairs, rug, candles and a crystal ball are all inside. A fireplace and candelabra are included and linked into the cottage. The Witches Cottage is only 44 prims with the doors. The medieval themed furniture adds another 50 optional prims.
This gives a long shot of this little cottage, bewitchingly cute and all this week free in my Midnite Madness board this week. On sale at X Street for $1000 for those who prefer to shop there.

Textures were customized to add the flowers on the exterior, cat doors and bats on a half moon. Must be seen to appreciate! Excellent value for your Second Live Inventory as you can mix and match the furniture included with other pieces you have. As well as enjoy this cottage for Halloween, to live in or as part of your medieval village.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This is an idea I have been wanting to do for over a year. Now that it is the haunting season is perfect time to not only make a maze but to try to walk it.

This is being sold in two versions, the first pictured here is the Basic Maze. It is the maze with out any other spooky items so you can use what you have in your inventory and decorate it yourself.

A second Deluxe Maze will be coming soon with all of the spooky bells.whistles and groans suitable for a hauntingly ghoulish time.
This is a top down view of the maze showing a bit of the inside via world setting at night. This can be found in my store in Second Life, Sirens Song or on Xstreet. Have a ghoul day.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Luminous Lights

Sets of three in pink, blue and yellow garden lights. These are linked above as one set, copy, not mod. Touch to turn on or off. These can be sunk as deep into the ground as you want or left standing as shown above. Lights for your patio, walk ways or garden.
This set of blue garden lights is next to my patio and a small plant. These sets are so pretty no need to just use outside! Perfect for a table top, entry way or anywhere you need to light up your Second Life.

Low prim and low cost, $30 L per set and just 6 prims. I made special jewel tone textures. Stop by Sirens Song to see how you can light up your Second Life home and garden.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lovely In Lavender

This pretty little jewelry box continues my fascination with making things that do things in Second Life. This opens and shuts upon touch and plays a few musical notes. It is fun to see what you can do with the physics of the Second Life. Not that I am a prim scientist, but I do love to play with prims.

Fab Free just hit 6000 Members, wow. I think this is the largest group I belong too in Second Life. I also have an ad space at the Fab Free Main HQ and put in items for free. Enjoy!

I made this as a gift for participants in SOH, Saints of Hell, Second Life Bikers For Charity. We have members in need and we run a variety of events to raise money to help them out and to have good fun too.

Since this is so cute, and too cute to stay at home I thought all of the Fab Free Members may enjoy a copy too.

Additionally, I will be selling this for Making Strides, the American Cancer Society group in Second Life. We are raising money for the cause this month. More to come on that in next post.

Who would think such a lovely little box would be put to so much work. I have mine on a new vanity set in the works. Where will you put yours?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

To Die For

Perfect for Halloween a living room set modeled on real life coffins. Ghoulish and Dielightful for your Second Life living room.

Seating is menu pose driven and copy so you can fill endless rooms in your castle or liar. Whether you're Goth, Vamp, Medieval role play or love the haunting season this set is for you.

Death adorns the coffee table and standing lamp. Coffin end tables complete the look.
The best thing is you don't have to die for this, just teleport over to Sirens Song. This is sold as a set or as individual pieces.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Bella Rosa

Plants and flowers are what got me to learn to build in Second Life. This new series, Bella Rosa, combines my love of building, home decoration and flowers. Other floral pattern pieces and color combinations are on the drawing board.

Inspired by Shabby Chic, it is rewarding to see how real life pieces can be translated into 3d pieces.

Poses in the chairs and bench are all menu driven with male poses in one chair and female in the other. The Hall Bench includes male and female poses. This is a low prim low cost package that can brighten your Second Life home!

These pieces are all on special right now for the next week at $5 L per piece Hurry over to Sirens Song to capture this great value before the week is out.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pushing Up Daisies

Take time to smell the flowers before you push up Daisies! A Celtic cross with spooky skull tops this grave. Scary howls can be heard coming from the world beyond at this grave. This is for sale now in my new Bootique.

Coffins are there for sale as well with tombstones. Is there a custom epithet you need for the Halloween Season? Contact me to help you immortalize your Second Life. My favorite is: "She was fun now she's done."

Saturday, September 26, 2009

You Hold His Heart

Davy Jones has his heart in a locked box, as long as it is safe he sails the 7 Seas to the ends of the Earth and back. His heart longs for Calypso who knew him before his curse.

This was fun to make and is a beating heart in a silver box. The lid when touched plays a spooky noise. Beware not to wake Davy or you may end up in the deep in his locker.

Ain't Superstitous

This cute black and white cat print came across my path and works purrfectly for the cabinet. I will be using this in other builds. A coffee table would work well with this print, a larger dresser and this would look great on a white cabinet too.

I just opened a Bootique at my store, Sirens Song and all sorts of Halloween items are there with more to come. If only I could conjure more prims. Meow......

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Hunting We Will Go

Multi Sim, grid wide hunts have exploded! There are so many going on now blogs for lists of hunts have popped up as well as blogs for hunters.

I am still unpacking items from last years Peace On Earth Hunt which had over 400 destinations.

My list of hunts I am participating in is getting very long. Making new items for sale and for the upcoming hunts has kept me quit busy indeed!

Here is a sampling of what the hunters will be finding, more hunt items to be posted as well as fun new things I am making for sale.

This is for the Total Fusion Hunt, which will be starting on September 21, running through October. My gift includes an arm chair for men and one for women, with menu poses with a rug, lamp on/off, coffee table and sunflower arrangement. In keeping with the fall season.

Something wicked is brewing in this kettle. Green mist boils over, I am not sure I would take a drink, would you? The fire pit is included so if you want to put your kettle on it or use to sit around to roast your virtual marshmallows, enjoy. This is for the Pumpkin Paws Hunt, running for the month of October.

An acceptance arrived by note card for a hunt I don't recall entering but at this point who is counting? The Starving Artists are running a hunt in October as well.. This is for that hunt and will be my update gift at Fab Free HQ for those that prefer to hunt in one place. Kissing in a pumpkin patch, perfect for the season and is cozy, silly place to take that someone special. This is for the No Hunt, which means, no clues. no chat no nothing, except of course the blog. The hunter is on their own to find the bounty of the hunting season.

Happy Hunting!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pretty In Pink

Selectables in leather cane be mix and matched in a number of combinations. Available in multiple colors and custom textures. These are copy so perfect for rental units as well as office spaces and your Second Life home.
This pink set is being boxed up and soon to include lamps, and coffee table to go on Xstreet. Other similar sets of a room in a box will be coming soon.
Poses are all menu driven in this sleek seating set. Side arm chairs are included in the set but not pictured here.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Trophy For SOH Myrtle Beach Bike Build Off

This trophy was fun to do, a custom piece for a great group and important cause. The World Wild Life Organization will be receiving money raised during the clubs SL Myrtle Beach Bike Build Off.

This is a challenge event where competitors using prim pieces will build the best bike. It promises to be a fun filled action event and money raised going to a great cause.
Need a trophy, award or gift for your club or event? Please drop me an email or note card would be happy to put together that perfect item.

Freaked Out!!

Tis the season of the Hunt. So many hunts, so many gifts, so many deadlines! What better than a devils fountain with black blood particles? Freaks me out, how about you? This is for the Freaked Out Hunt starting September 15.

Death Overcame Her

My gift for the Official Freaky Fall Hunt V3.0 is a crypt with flying bats.

What crypt would be complete though without a killer pose?

This sudden death pose can be paired with the bloody fog for an even more spooky effect.

As the Halloween season draws near perfect pieces for the spooktacular season. The crypt door opens and shuts. If you are a vamp a must have!

Happy haunting and hunting.

Many more halloween items are on their way.